iGameGod offers a variety of tools for you to use on your Non-Jailbroken (Jailed) or Jailbroken iPhone/iPad or Apple Silicon Mac!

Interested in learning more? Keep reading below!

Memory/Cheat Engine

iGameGod's iOS Cheat Engine provides many features such as exact, fuzzy, nearby & grouped searches. It also has a memory browser and the ability to batch modify results, lock values, favorite addresses & more! All of these features work on your Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken device.

Speed Manager

Adjust the speed of your games! You can use this to either fix broken aspects of the game and skip the long waiting times, or give yourself a challenge in Subway Surfers by making everything super fast! Otherwise, you can take it slow and decrease the game speed to your desired pace.

Record & Replay Touches

Game getting too repetetive? Prefer to automate certain boring tasks? Touch Recorder is the tool for you! Easily record and play back your touches either once or on a loop. Perfect for farming, & tap games like Tap Titans 2.

Device Information Spoofer

iGameGod's iGSpoof tool will allow you to change or spoof your device's information for App Store apps. This makes it so you can easily change your device model, UDID, serial number, iOS version & more! Currently only available for Jailbroken devices.

More features!

iGameGod offers even more features such as a tweak (.deb) installer, an app decrypting tool to aid security researchers, light & dark mode and more! Check out the full list of features and how to use them here.

  1. iGameGod Overlay Icon
  2. Long press gives you access to other available tools
  3. Speed Manager
  4. Touch Recorder - Recording Gestures
  5. Touch Recorder playback options
  6. Cheat Engine main view
  7. Available search options
  8. Modifying search results
  9. Batch modifying selected search results
  10. Fuzzy Search

What makes iGameGod special?

iGameGod Overlay

iGameGod will overlay on top of your favorite apps. So there's no need to keep switching back and forth between apps. This approach also makes it easier for us to support Non-Jailbroken environments.

User Friendly

We've been hard at work polishing the user interface and making it easy to use.

Listening to Feedback

We're always listening to feedback on what new features you would like to see added to iGameGod so keep them coming!

Constant Updates

iGameGod is constantly being worked on and updated with new features and fixes!

Download iGameGod

Please click the links below depending if you're Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between iGameGod Jailbreak & Non-Jailbroken

The Jailbreak version of iGameGod comes as a standalone app. On a Non-Jailbroken device, iGameGod Jailed can only work as an overlay. This means you need to sideload the .IPA file to iOS or macOS with iGameGod Jailed injected.

How do I access the Touch Recorder & Speed Manager?

Once you have enabled iGameGod on your app, long press on the iGameGod overlay icon to bring up the additional features.

Which iOS & macOS Versions does iGameGod Suport?

iGameGod will support iOS 11 and higher. All macOS versions are supported as long as you have an Apple Silicin Mac.

How do I use iGameGod? I would like to see some examples.

If you would like to learn how to use iGameGod or see various examples of how it's used, check out the iGameGod topics here or find video examples on YouTube.